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9:28:00 AM • Saturday, October 31, 2009



R1. Your first impression about Ruki:
he's cool, and have a great voice :D

R2. What name do you call him by?

R3. Are you good at drawing?
erm, so-so, sometimes i can do it and sometimes im suck at it

R4. If Ruki were really your brother, friend, lover etc, how would you feel?
i'll be soooo happy if he bcome my friend, well, he's a nice and funny guy haha

R5. Message to Ruki ( Instead of just “I LOVE U” ):
i hope your height will increase... fight!!


U1.Your first impression about Uruha:
he's pretty~~ and he reminded me of Hisashi from rock band, GLAY :D

U2. What name do you call him by?

U3. Did you know at first that his name was pronounced "Uruha"?

U5. If Uruha were really your brother, friend, lover etc, how would you feel?
of course i feel happy, i'll feel "bangga" (XD) if i had a friend like him

U6. Message to Uruha ( Instead of just “ I LOVE U” ):
dont drink too much sake, it's bad for your health =,="


A1. Your first impression about Aoi:
he also reminded me someone from GLAY, takuro... hahaha, and i thought he is a cool and steady guy but he's like a kid, kanak2 riang hahahaha

A2. What name do you call him by?
aoi san~

A3. Do you have a lip/navel piercing?
nope, i dont like piercing

A4. If Aoi were really your brother, friend, lover etc, how would you feel?
i'll be really3 happy :D

A5. Message to Aoi ( instead of just “I LOVE U” ):
just keep up your work being like a kid! haha

R1. Your first impression about Reita:
HE'IS COOL~ i fall in love with his bass the first time i see him playing haha

R2. What name do you call him by?

R3. What do you call the thing he wears on his nose?

R4. If Reita were really your brother, friend, lover etc, how would you feel?
it would be nice if he is my brother... i really really really really want to have big brother like him akira nii chan~ haha

R5. Message to Reita ( Instead of just “I LOVE U” ):
i love your nosebad~ haha


K1. Your first impression about Kai:
the first time i noticed him is in NLSG concert, during his solo drum, i started to love his drum at that moment, and when i saw his face... he is soooo~~~ cute~
after that, i tried my best to know him and i searched everything (well, almost) about him haha

K2. What name do you call him by?
kai, and sometimes yuu kun, or yutaka

K3. Are you good at cooking?
ermmm, not so sure... haha

K4. If Kai were really your brother, friend, lover etc, how would you feel?
i'll feel shiawase~~~~

K5. Message to Kai ( Instead of just “I LOVE U” ):
keep smiling~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ hahahaha

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10:47:00 AM • Friday, October 30, 2009
ehem, so....
i know that one of my reader is Uninvited reader

if you dont like me, if you hate me
dont bother to read my blog wokey


and this is my new post :D
my happy2 post for my happy2 day~

yg ko susah sgat ngan aku ni knape?
ape msalah ko ar??
aku rase ko ni xde kawan la, nk pgi bash org la
ckap bende2 buruk
ko ingat ko tu bgus sgat ke?
ksian kat ko kan, sorang2 jer
ko ingat mntang2 ko ckap nk kuar dari situ, kitorang hlang ko la ek
eh tolong sket, kitorang xde mase nk pgi pujuk org mcam ko ni
sukati ko la nk mampus ke nk ape, bukan hal aku pon
dan, ko ckap aku ni bkan sape2 buat ko?
ape, ko ingat aku anggap ko musuh aku?
jgan nk prasan la, aku xde mase nk layan org mcam ko
lbih baik aku pgi buat amal kat org drp lyan org mcam ko

memang btul la ape yg mama kak aki ckap, org dari sane mmg low class, bangang, bengong, dan btul la prinsip aku slame ni, org putih bengong! haha, TAPI, bukan semua la, org2 mcam die je haha

kak aki, dah xde ape2 dah, dah2 la tu sedih, nnti kan xde org berkenan, susah, jadi mcam abang kan haha

that's all my report today sir! haha

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10:41:00 PM • Thursday, October 29, 2009
hahaha, today is a happy day
i skipped school (yay~)
and chat with aki san all day~ (well, almost haha)

and i got to know one thing
that Malaysia is famous in japan... yay~~ *bangga2* (this word again =,=" haha)

but, aki san' brother, abang toshi told me that she had "muke huduh" today
even salted fish said that too =,=
i hope she'll be okay :D

and just now, she told me, she has fever....again T_T
hope she'll be okay

and WE are going to leave GazettE Sekai forum for a while i think
aish, because of 1 stup*d girl, WE have to leave that forum *mad*

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8:57:00 AM •



1. Name ( if you don’t want to tell, just wrote anything )
Anis Syakila taib

2. Name you use in the forum/blog
Iela_Kai for Gazette Sekai Forum

3. Birthplace
Hospital Sulatanah Nur Zahirah or Kuala Terengganu

4. How long have you been a Gazette fan?
1 year?

5. How did you first come across Gazette?
i found gazette file in my bro's notebook

6. Who's your favourite member?

7. What do you like about your favourite member:
erm, his behavior, his smile, and his drum~ i love his drum sooo much

8. Something you don't know, but would like to know about that member:
hermm, i want to know when will he come to malaysia haha

9. Which of the members have you written letters or fanmail to?

10. Something about you that changed when you became a fan of Gazette:
herm, i bcame more.... rocking XD haha, bcame more frienly, bcause i met nice people because of them, like aki san, hasegawa san, illusion, shiroyama toshiaki XD , ananya and others haha

11. Your favourite Gazette song and why:
cassis and kare uta, because these songs are beautiful, and i love kai drum in cassis, and ruki's voice are superb, and others la haha

12. The song you listen to when you feel down or sad:
i dont know... i rarely get sad haha

13. When you are ill, the song that makes you feel better:
all of them?

14. The song you listen to when you are happy:
cassis and all haha

15. The song which influenced you the most:
cassis and taion

16. Is there a song you can sing perfectly without having to look at the lyrics?
well, most of the song i already remember the lyrics. there's too much, lazy to type all of them

17. A Gazette song you'd like to sing at Karaoke:
i dont go to karaoke

18. Have you seen Gazette live?
no, bu i've seen the video :D

19. If you have, what were your thoughts? If you haven't, are you planning on attending a live and how?
of course i am, and i will, someday

20. At violent Gazette lives, where do you always stand? Or if you haven't been, where would you like to stand?
the front seat!!

21. What style do you (or would you like to) attend Gazette lives in? (Clothes, make-up, etc)
just casual style :D

22. Name a few necesseties for attending a Gazette live:
ready for headbanging haha, water, salonpas? XD

23. Do you (or would you) always fill out the after-live questionnaire?
what does that mean?

24. Something you've started collecting because of Gazette:
not yet haha

25. Which Gazette costume series do you like most?
herm, the one that they where during NLSG live, not the final one haha

26. One item you like in Gazette's goods range: (Or if you don't own any, one thing you'd like to have)
all of them? haha

27. Does your email address have something to do with Gazette?
no T_T

28. A member whose words you were surprised by: (in a magazine article, MC, radio show etc)
dont know

29. If you could become one of the members for a day, who would you become and why?
kai? because i love drum :D

30. Which member would you like to go to karaoke with?
all of them :D

31. Which member would you like to go drinking with?
i dont drink =,=, but i want to go out with kai~

32. Which member would you like to cook for?
kai~ even though he can cook haha

33. Please arrange the members according to who you think would change the most when drunk (least changed to most changed):


34. Please arrange the members according to who you think would make the longest telephone calls from shortest to longest:


35. One thing you like about Gazette (physical):
they all tall guys, excpet Ruki haha

36. Compare each member to an animal:

1. Ruki- Tiger Xd

2. Aoi- Fox

3. Uruha- Sheep

4. Kai- Monkey

5. Reita- eagle/raccoon haha

37. Compare each member to a colour:

Ruki- red

Aoi- yellow

Uruha- black XD

Kai- pink

Reita- white

38. According to you, Gazette is:
love! haha

39. Your expectations from now on for Gazette:
please keep rocking and rocking and rocking and amuse me!! haha
and dont forget to keep smiling!!

40. Lastly, a word to about GazettE for your reader:
please love GazettE too :D

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5:12:00 PM • Wednesday, October 28, 2009
today is a badddddddddddd day hahaha
it's been a long time since i had this kind of feeling...
what should i do to have a happy go lucky life again??
what did i do to make me myself happy again???

and again.... i'm having a boring boring time....
nothing to do la...
ouh, today is kai's birthday, wanna sing to him!!

happy birthday to you~
happy birthday to you~
happy birthday to yuu kun~
happy birthday to you!!

happy birthday uke yutaka~

may god bless you
and live happily
and please, please keep your smile :D
smiling is good for your health haha

{ bew tomodachi }
9:23:00 PM • Friday, October 23, 2009
this is my new nihonjin tomodachi, aki san and hasegawa san *pachi3*

{ }
6:28:00 PM • Sunday, October 18, 2009
hari raye aritu..... mmg bes ar.... gok ar hahaha
duk men round2 ngan geng je keje, jlan2, lepak beto, pastu jlan2 pon, xde keje betul budak2 ni ish3

{ the GazettE's new single, Before i decay }
8:11:00 PM • Sunday, October 11, 2009

sooo coooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *fangirling*

This is the same as a game not having an end

nounashi no kuchi kitte yatsu wo genjitsu de ji fuse
narabe u nao wo

Before I Decay

Please abandon instinct
I was stuck in a loop of a vicious circle
It was a mistake to have entrusted you
I die at abnormal speed

This is the same as a maze not having an end
fuka no ningen kokoro ura

Only the rumor is splendid
Disappear with a sexual
You sold even us to protect oneself
You are powerless than anyone

Watch me...

kuri keresu tame ni mata wara ebaii no?
kuri keresu tame ni mou...
I cannot laugh

Before I Decay

Please abandon instinct
I was stuck in a loop of a vicious circle
It was a mistake to have entrusted you
It was a mistake...

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