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9:22:00 PM • Thursday, November 12, 2009
today, 12 Nov 2009 is "Hari Graduasi" in our school, SMKA Tok Jiring
and i told sometone to take pictures of form 5 students... but..... haha

anyway, since there's no classes today, we just hangout in classroom or in our so called "secret base", just listening to songs and we do pocho2 haha! XD well, its just angoh did the dance, the others were only watching while laughing haha
and when i want to the small door to go home, it was locked T_T
since my dad has came, i had to climb that "pagar" haha, thank god there is not much peoplw at that time haha

Tomorrow, my family will fly to Kuala Lumpur for my bro, Ijoe's graduation~ yayay! I'll skip school for 3 days~ yay~ and... maybe i can get to meet my future Bro in law, muhaimin! omg... what to do haha

for these 2 days, i didnt get to talk to aki san T_T
But instead, i only chatted with her fave bro (XD) lelaki yang perasan dirinya kacak, abang Shiroyama Toshiaki~~ haha
cakap dengan abang banyak mengumpat, ckap dngan kak aki ckap biase2 je
nmpak sngat abang ni kureng baik haha! (sowwie)
xde la, maybe ckap melayu senang nk mengumpat kot XD

wokie now, this is my report for today, see you this wed you guys~

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8:19:00 PM • Tuesday, November 10, 2009
yes! finally~ my final exam will finally end!!! tomorrow!!! fuuuuuh haha
well, i dont have any confidence on it though
since i only studied a little... and something had happened to my Bahasa Melayu's paper T_T
and i got into fight last week huhuhu, last week was the worst urgh!

For this week....many3 bad things happened tp me, i tripped T_T, and i nearly tripped for 3 times huhuhu
my stupid shoe again... what a day...

but, this sat night, i'll fly to KL for my brother's graduation~ *yay*
and will be back on next tuesday,
My classmate, Anis told me that they want to do "Jamuan Akhir Tahun" this wednesday, thank god they dont do it on tuesday ahahaha

well, that's for today

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